Uploading Software and Configuration Packages to the Predix Edge Manager Repository

To upload edge applications to the Edge Manager repository, you must first create an application package.

About this task

For edge apps, the package is a tar.gz file containing your application’s docker-compose file and an export of all the Docker images used by your application.


  1. Create a package that includes the configurations, BOM, or applications you want to install.
    Note: Docker containers and edge apps must be packaged as tar files (tar.gz), all other software packages must be packaged as ZIP files (.zip).
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Repository.
  3. In Edge Manager Repository, select Action > Upload.
  4. In the Upload dialog, enter:
    • Name – (Required) Name of the software package.
    • Vendor – Device vendor.
    • Version – (Required) Software version. Version has the following format:
      For example:
    • Type – (Required) Choose from:
      • Application – Application software for the device.
      • Analytics Data Map – Maps the data defined in the analytics template to the device output structures.
      • Analytics Template – The analytic template defines the input and output structures required by the analytic.
      • Configuration – Device configuration software.
      • Operating System – Unpack the Predix Edge tar.gz image and use the signed software update file inside (predix_edge_OS.swu.tar.gz or predix_edge_OS.swu, for example).
        Note: Unpack the Predix Edge .tar.gz image and use the signed software update file inside it (predix_edge_OS.swu.signed.tar.gz).
      • Virtual Machine – Upload a virtual machine image.
    • Platform
      • Predix Edge – Select this option for multi-container Predix Edge apps.
    • Description – Description for the software or container. You should make the description meaningful, for example, add the location of the device group to which you are pushing the application.
    • Notes – Optionally, you can include additional notes about the package.
      Note: Notes have a 1024 character limit.
  5. Click Choose File to select the files to upload to the repository.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. In the Confirm Upload dialog box, click Done.
    Note: The size limit for uploads is:
    • 500 MB for configuration, application, and containers
    • 15 GB for OS
    If the file upload operation is interrupted for some reason, it will automatically resume from the point at which it was interrupted when the connection is restored. You do not need to re-initiate the upload.
    The package is uploaded to the repository and appears in the Repository list.