Package Guidelines and Size Limits

Before uploading packges to Edge Manager, ensure they are packaged correctly and do not exceed the recommended size limits.

The following table shows the guidelines for package size limits when uploading packages to the Edge Manager Repository.

Package TypeSize Limit File TypeNotes
Configuration500 MB ZIPAs best practice, once configuration files are uncompressed on the device, each file should be no larger than 5 MB. Actual limits depend on how much disk space is available at the time.
Application500 MBZIP
Container500 MBgzip
Edge app500 MBtar.gz
Analytics runtime engine500 MBtar.gzPackage and upload the runtime engine as a multi-container (Predix Edge) app.
Templates500 MBZIPWhen you upload a template, you do not specify a platform, however, you must specify a package handler, which should be the analytics engine name, for example, FogHorn or CSense. The handler is not the app instance ID.
Data Maps500 MBZIPWhen you upload a data map, you must specify the name of the template to which the data map is associated. You do not specify a platform.
Operating system15 GBn/a