2. Open the DIR_WATCHER.bcl

About this task

Note: TBNG_POMS is a sample project included with CIMPLICITY Plant Edition. This project is available as a template. Do not edit it directly.


  1. Open the TBNG_POMS project or a project that was created from the TBNG_POMS project.
  2. Expand the Basic Control Engine folder in the Workbench left pane..
  3. Select Scripts.
  4. Double-click DIR_WATCHER.bcl in the right pane.

    DIR_WATCHER.bcl opens in the CIMPLICITY Program Editor.

    Note: The script file is located in...\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Projects\TBNG_POMS\Scripts\DIR_Watcher.bcl.