3. Customize DIR_WATCHER.bcl

Do any of the following to configure the script that feeds POMS, DIR_WATCHER.bcl.

Set the:

  • Name of the POMS schema file by configuring the name set in the point XML.SCHEMA_NAME. This file is located by default in the XML.Root directory under the site root.
  • Directory where XMLT puts its XML output files by configuring the point XML.XMLT_DUMP. This is the same directory DIR_WATCHER.bcl watches for new files it move to the XML.SOURCE directory location.
  • Directory location where POMS picks up orders (XML output files created by XMLT) by configuring a point named XML.SOURCE.
  • Path name of the root directory where DIR_WATCHER.bcl looks for the above directories by configuring the point XML.Root.

Every 10 minutes, the DIR_WATCHER.bcl:

  • Copies a file from the XML.XMLT_DUMP directory to the directory specified by XML.SOURCE and
  • Triggers the $OMV_ORDER site in POMS for processing.

You can configure how often DIR_WATCHER.bcl runs using the CIMPLICITY Event Editor.

Note: The name of the file that $OMV_ORDER would process is dynamically set in another point, XML.PROCESSING_FILE, by the DIR_WATCHER.bcl script.

$OMV_ORDER validates files placed in the XML.SOURCE directory using the schema file specified in the point  XML.SCHEMA_NAME.

Invalid $OMV_ORDER rejects the file and moves it to Rejected directory, located in the directory  site_root\POMS\TBNG_POMS\OrderFiles directory.
Valid POMS processing of accepted files then begins.