Option 1.2. PRT_UI Basic Sections

The PRT_UI can be broken into the following broad sections:

1 PRT_UI menu bar (Items are described with related actions.)
2 Toolbar Provides one-click access to the most commonly used functions.
3 Region Id field Displays and enables the user to select the active  region in the PRT_UI. The browse button opens the Regions browser.
4 View field Drop down list of the configured views for the PRT_UI.
Note: The views are defined in the PRT_WINDOW.cfg file.
5 Item Cache and Paging Bar Allows attribute cache and paging through the PRT_UI.
6 PRT_UI body Lists the items, with details, in each of the region's locations. The list reflects the status on the factory floor as recorded in  the PRT database.
7 Locations:, Items: On the status bar, displays the number of locations and items in the active region.