3. Dir_Watcher.bcl

The Dir_Watcher.bcl script is automatically provided with any CIMPLICTY project you create using the POMS Wizard.


  • Executes regularly on a timed basis defined in the CIMPLICITY Event Manager.

Default startup is each 10 minutes on the clock, e.g. 1:10PM, 1:20PM, and moves XML output  files to the SOURCE folder.

  • Copies XMLT output files (XML order files, etc.) from the specified folder (XMLT_DUMP) in chronological (XML file creation) order to the POMS input directory (SOURCE).

This ensures that all files have:

  • Completed their downloading from XMLT
  • Been given unique filenames.
  • Removes the original files from the XMLT_DUMP directory and triggers the POMS input RCO via point update when all available files have been copied over.
Note: The paths defining the XMLT_DUMP and SOURCE folders are stored in CIMPLICITY points. If desired, these points can be dynamically configured using scripts.