1. Sales Orders in External Scheduling

Sales orders are taken and entered into the retail (dealer) computer.

Data in the sales order must be in text format in order to be processed by the XMLT translation utility.

Your ERP system or other external (to CIMPLICITY) scheduling system is responsible for:

  • Creating the sales orders text files

Sales order entries in a  text file format are FTP'd to the XMLT server.

  • Moving files to a configured RAW_DUMP folder on the XMLT server
  • Calling the XMLT translation utility.

Note: More information on calling XMLT is available in the CIMPLICITY XML Translator help . Also, an XMLT User Interface is provided for testing your translation files.

  • Creating custom XML translation files configured specifically for your text-based files (sales orders, parts lists, etc.)
Note: XMLT supports a wide variety of text file formats by virtue of its flexible XML schema definition, specified by the file XMLT.xsd in the POMS\XMLT folder under BSM_Root. This schema defines custom XML tags (Entity Types) that XMLT uses to restructure data parsed from your text-based order files into a format suitable as input to POMS.