Export Output File Format: prtexp.prtm

The format for this file is identical to the format of the Import program's Input file .

Note: A region may be a member of more than one group. Thus, the dumping of two different groups could include the same region twice. However, this does not result in the region being dumped each time it is encountered (either as a member of a different group or because the region was explicitly dumped).

The first time the region is encountered, all information on it is dumped (the region status and information on all items within the region). Subsequent encounters with the same region result in a comment record being written into the output file specifying the region name and indicating that the region had previously been dumped and appears earlier in the output file.

The same holds true for all similar circumstances, i.e. a service is dumped and then a group or region within that service is explicitly dumped (or vice versa).

No groups or regions will be dumped more than once.

All subsequent appearances of a group or region will be indicated by the insertion of a comment record in the output file.