Step 2. List Groups in a Selected Domain

About this task

  • Enable Windows Authentication
  • Load Groups: In a Selected Domain
  • Load Groups: Guidelines

Enable Windows Authentication


Check Enable Windows Authentication.

Load Groups: In a Selected Domain


Do the following.
Item Name Description
A Domain Select a domain from the drop-down list.
B Load Groups Click Load Groups. Domain groups are listed in the Available Groups box.
C Available Groups (Optional) Enter a string in the field to list only groups that contain the string in some part of the name.


Windows users groups that have been defined for the selected domain are listed in the Available Groups list. If a string has been entered to filter the list, only the groups that include the string are listed.

Load Groups: Guidelines

Before you begin

You must have a valid domain User name/Password to list a domain's groups.

If you have not logged into windows with a valid domain username/password, a Windows Authentication error message box opens reporting the issue, as follows.

The current user that is logged into the computer does not have permission to query the windows domain.

Please provide credentials, with access to query the domain. These credentials will NOT be saved for any other purpose.


  1. Select OK.
    The Windows Authentication error message window closes. A Login window opens.
  2. Enter valid Username and Password credentials for the selected domain.
  3. Select OK.
    The following occurs based on whether or not the entered domain login credentials are valid.
    Login Result
    Valid The domain's available groups are listed.
    1. An error message reports that the login is invalid.
    2. A blank Login window opens.
    Note: Select Cancel if you do not have valid login credentials.
    • The speed at which the groups load depends on the domain size and your network speed.
    • While CIMPLICITY is loading the groups, the window will be gray.