About Users

The Users application enables you to configure users for your CIMPLICITY project.

A User is an individual person working with a CIMPLICITY project.

The privileges and resources that CIMPLICITY offers a user is determined by one of the following.

Windows Authentication

Authenticated Windows groups can be selected and assigned roles and resources.

CIMPLICITY verifies the user's Windows password to allow access.

CIMPLICITY user configuration

A user can be created in CIMPLICITY and assigned a password, roles and resources.

Note: The first user you create when starting a new project is assigned the SYSMGR role. Beginning with CIMPLICITY 9.5, this user must be assigned a password. See About Cimplicity Passwords for details on password complexity.

The default user requires a password to access CIMPLICITY project functions.

Important: CIMPLICITY does not support Windows XP Fast user Switching.