About CIMPLICITY Passwords

Beginning in CIMPLICITY 9.5, the user with the SYSMGR role can determine whether or not passwords are case-sensitive. If you choose case sensitivity, the system will not recognize apple123, APPLE123 and ApplE123 as the same password. When setting up a new project carefully consider if you want the passwords for the project to be case-sensitive or case-insensitive. Switching between the two can cause complications once you have built a project and assigned multiple user roles, user names, and passwords.

Note the following about CIMPLICITY passwords:

  • Password complexity rules are set for the entire project, not on a user-by-user basis.
  • Case-sensitive passwords must have a least one uppercase letter and one lower case letter.
  • If you have a project that has case-insensitive passwords and you change the project to case-sensitive passwords, those existing passwords must now be entered in all uppercase letters. Numerals and special characters do not change.
  • When creating a project and creating user accounts, you must assign each account a password. However, when logging in at a later time with SYSMGR privileges, you can create new users without passwords. This is not recommended.
  • If you set up a project with case-sensitive passwords and then change to case-insensitive passwords, your existing mixed case passwords must be entered in mixed case as they were originally created. However, any new passwords you create are case insensitive.
  • It may be best to leave already existing projects with case-insensitive passwords.