Point Management Configuration Files

Point Management configuration data defines the data points for the system and the way in which Point Management handles individual points. Configuration data controls the following functions:

Alarm Generation When to generate alarms, and the content of the alarm message.
Engineering Units Conversion Conversion of raw data based on a configured expression.
Derived Point Values Definition of derived point expressions.

Configuration data is entered on-line using configuration transactions covered in the CIMPLICITY Base System User's documentation. This is true except for the POINT_TYPE configuration file, which is supplied containing default data for the system; and the PTMGMT configuration file, which is set up by Site Configuration.

The following sections detail the Point Management configuration data and describe its use. In developing applications, you can refer to this section for definitions of the configuration data that Point Management has access to.

You can write applications that access any of the points defined through the CIMPLICITY System configuration functions. Keep in mind, however, that the system must always be updated with new or modified configuration data before your application will be able to access the new configuration. You must be sure that your Point Management application is stopped and restarted when the system is updated.