About the External Alarm State Management API

You can use the External Alarm State Management API to create an External Alarm State Manager (XASMgr) to manage CIMPLICITY alarms. An External Alarm State Manager can generate alarms within CIMPLICITY alarm management and maintains complete control over the state transitions of those alarms.

State transitions of CIMPLICITY alarms are normally driven by responses from CIMLPLICITY software or custom alarm viewers. When one of these viewers, under user direction, generates a response to an alarm, the CIMPLICITY Alarm Manager normally transitions the alarm based on its internal criteria.

If alarms are generated by an XASMgr process, the CIMPLICITY Alarm Manager does not transition these alarms, but passes their user responses to the XASMgr that generated the alarm. The XASMgr then decides whether the response to the alarm should be applied. If it decides the response can be applied, it passes the response back to the CIMPLICITY Alarm Manager.

Note: The Repeat, Acknowledge, and Reset timeouts are not applied by the Alarm Manager to alarms generated by an XASMgr. If you require this functionality for alarms managed by an XASMgr, the XASMgr must provide that functionality and send appropriate action requests to the Alarm Manager.

The following C++ classes are included in this API to aid you in utilizing CIMPLICITY Alarm Management:

  • AlarmGen
  • CExternalAlarmManager

Use the AlarmGen class to generate alarms for and send responses to the Alarm Manager. Use the CExternalAlarmManager class to develop your XASMgr process.