Point Management API Getting Started

The Point Management Application Program Interface provides a C language interface to the CIMPLICITY software Point database. Using the C functions, you may create C language applications that can receive current point data from standard CIMPLICITY software devices. Once developed, these applications will run on any CIMPLICITY computer in your enterprise.

The Point Management API consists of a set of object libraries and include files you use to customize your application. It also includes seven example programs to help you design and validate your own applications. These programs are ptq_snap.c, ptq_onchange.c, ptq_onchgstru.c, ptq_setpoint.c, ptq_setpt._eu.c, ptm_monitor.c, and ptm_script.c

Using the API requires that you do the following:

  • Understand the general and Point Management specific subroutine interfaces provided by CIMPLICITY software's Point Management capability.
  • Understand the Point Configuration requirements described in the CIMPLICITY Base System User Document.
  • Code appropriate application programs.
  • Compile and link the programs as explained in this chapter.
  • Be familiar with the Point Configuration file structure.