Step 2. Enter Process Monitor Specifications

  • Process Health configuration.
  • process_dependents.cfg file.

Process Health configuration

Check any of the following groups to enable the feature for the selected process.

Field Description
Restart Restarts the process a specified number of times within a selected number of seconds.
Note: The process you are configuring may have dependent processes (processes that start after the selected process starts). If it does, you must configure a process_dependents.cfg file to insure that the dependent processes will stop and restart based on the selected process behavior.
Example 1.   Process #2 (e.g. Derived Point Process)
  • Is dependent on another process #1 (e.g, Point Manager).
  • Assumes that process #1 is started first.
2.   Process #1 fails and is restarted 3.   Dependent process #2 must be stopped and restarted immediately following Process #1.
Threshold Number of times the process can be restarted, within the number of seconds specified by the Restart period, before it is failed.
Period Number of seconds in which the restart threshold is operational.
Default Disabled.
Check health Send messages to the process to determine if it is running correctly. For example, a process may appear to be running when, in fact, it is hung.
Poll interval Number of seconds that elapse between polls.
Kill process on no response If the process does not respond when it is polled, it will be stopped.
Default Disabled
Note: Check health is enabled only if the process supports active health checks.
Fail project on process failure (For clusters only) The project stops when the selected process fails.
Default Disabled
  • Process health does not support dynamic configuration. Specifications for the process must be entered when the project is stopped, then incorporated through a project configuration update.
  • If you change a process name you must identify the process in the process_dependents.cfg file.

Process_Dependents.cfg file

  • The process_dependents.cfg file must be edited if:
  • Default PRT service names have been changed.
  • Customized processes that have dependencies are configured to restart.
  • The default process_dependents.cfg is located in the ...\Proficy CIMPLICITY\bsm_data folder.
  • The default process_dependents.cfg file is as follows.


* The first field is the name of the process that has died

* The remaining fields are the names of processes that will be stopped and restarted if they are currently running