About Global Parameters

The CIMPLICITY Workbench provides an easy way to view and, when instructed, to add or modify existing global parameters.

A Global Parameter:

  • Defines parameters for the CIMPLICITY Base System and options that override default parameters in the software.
  • Controls either:
  • The system or
  • A project.
  • Can be changed in one of the following ways:
  • Through user interfaces in CIMPLICITY Configuration functions.
  • Through the Workbench in the System or Project section.

CIMPLICITY software stores the project's global parameter values in a global_parms.idt file. This interface enables you to avoid opening and editing the file. As a result, the Workbench application saves you time and helps you avoid accidental errors. However, even with this tool, you should only edit global parameters when it is absolutely necessary.

Warning: Improper global parameter configuration can cause adverse system effects. Do not add, modify or delete global parameters unless specifically instructed to by the documentation or a GE Intelligent Platforms representative.