About the OEM Key

About this task

OEM Key: Use

The OEM Key:

  • Is used for systems that do not have development servers and, more often than not, do not have development viewers.
  • Enables OEMs to:


  1. Remotely connect to a CIMPLICITY system or get directly onto the system.
  2. Perform whatever configuration changes are needed.

    OEM KEY: Limitations

    The OEM Key:

    • Automatically ends development mode on the runtime server in two hours.
    • Requires stopping any running projects twice.

    Any projects that are running must be stopped:

  3. Before the OEM Key can be activated.
  4. When the OEM Key terminates (automatically or if it is exited before the two hours).

    Note: Projects are stopped automatically when the OEM Key terminates or is exited.

    • Makes the runtime server a stand-alone machine; it cannot communicate at all with its viewers while the OEM Key is active.