Step 2.4. Identify 'COMMON' Viewer Parameters and Folders

Files that need to be deployed to several viewers can be placed in folders on the deployment server under a 'COMMON' Viewer.

This will eliminate duplication of effort and insure that the single correct file version is deployed at one time to every required viewer.

Identification steps in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor are as follows.

  • Select 'COMMON' Viewer
  • Configure 'COMMON' Viewer

Select 'COMMON' Viewer

A 'COMMON' Viewer:

  • Is included in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor.
  • Lists default synchronization values.

The default values:

  • Are used for all viewers that are not specifically listed in the configuration, but are included in the synchronization.
  • Can be changed to conform to your system's requirements.
  • Can be changed on an individual viewer to conform to the viewer's requirements.

Select 'COMMON' Viewer in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor left pane.

Configure 'COMMON' Viewer

Steps to configure the 'COMMON' Viewer are as follows.

Step 2.4.1 Define Parameters for the 'COMMON' Viewer.
Step 2.4.2 Enter CimView Reload Criteria for the 'COMMON' Viewer.
Step 2.4.3 Add a common folder for the Server/Viewer synchronization
Step 2.4.4 Define parameters for a 'COMMON' Viewer folder.