2.1.3.  Data Item Fields in Data Item Dialog Boxes

Data Item Fields

Fields that take points in a Point Properties dialog box, take data items in a Data Item dialog box.

The following occurs when a data item is selected for a Data Item field.

A Class: Fields for data items.
B Object: Object created.
C Instantiation: Point properties result.
  1. Class: Data Item Configuration

Data items can be entered in data item fields.

CIMPLICITY automatically inserts {$OBJECT}. before the data item ID.

{$OBJECT} will become the object name when the data item is instantiated into a point.


In a LEVEL data Item dialog box , data items are selected for the Safety point and Availability trigger fields.

The field entries with CIMPLICITY's {$OBJECT} additions are as follows.

Field Data Item Entry
1 Safety point {$OBJECT}.SAFETY
2 Availability trigger {$OBJECT}.HEATERIN
  1. Object: Object Created

Class objects are created from the class.


A class object created from the class TANKS is named: STATION01.

  1. Instantiation: Point Properties Result

All point fields in the object's Point Properties dialog boxes display read-only instantiated points.


In the Point Properties dialog box, the Safety point and Availability trigger fields for the instantiated STATION01.LEVEL point are as follows.

Field Instantiated Point
1 Safety point STATION01.SAFETY
2 Availability trigger STATION01.HEATERIN