1. Class Attributes

  • Overview: Class attributes.
  • Overview: Attribute included in an instantiated point.
  • Configuration: Class attributes.

Overview: Class Attributes

Class attributes:

  • Can be used to drive the way that objects are created and store information.
  • Provide the tools that enable an object designer to quickly enter custom specifications when creating objects from a selected class.

One or more attributes will be used throughout the class configuration.

1.1 CIMPLICITY class attributes.
1.2 Class attribute configuration.

Overview: Attribute Included in an Instantiated Point

Attributes provide

A Class: Attribute configuration.
B Object: Object configured.
C Instantiated: Attributes in Point Properties dialog boxes.
  1. Class: Attribute Configuration

Attributes that are CIMPLICITY pre-defined or custom attributes are configured for the class and assigned to data items. If a class references another class (Composite Classes), the class that does the references will have the attributes of the class that is being referred to.

Attribute Configuration

Attributes are created and configured in an Attribute dialog box. Values can be assigned at this level or at the object level.


An analog attribute, named LHIGHCRITICAL is created in the TANKV class.

Two attribute features are as follows.

1 Data type Analog
2 Prompt HIGH CRITICAL Note: The prompt will be the field label in the Object dialog box.

Attribute Assignment

Attributes are assigned to data items.


The attribute LHIGHCRITICAL is assigned as an expression to the $Alarm_High field for a data item LEVEL.

  1. Object: Object Configured

Once an object is created attributes can be assigned values in its Object dialog box.

Object Created

A class is selected to create an object.


A class object created from the class TANKV is named: STATION04.

Attribute Value Assigned

Fields that represent the configured attributes display in the Object dialog box that opens when the object is created.

Values that are entered in the Object dialog box fields will be assigned to instantiated points.

Note: Data item configuration will determine which points are assigned which attributes.


5000 is entered in the HIGH CRITICAL field for the STATION04 object.

  1. Instantiated: Attributes in Point Properties Dialog Boxes

Values that are entered in the Object dialog box display as read-only values for assigned instantiated points.


The Alarm High field for the instantiated point LEVEL displays the read-only 5000 value.

Configuration: Class Attributes

1.1 CIMPLICITY class attributes.
1.2 Class attribute configuration.