2.1.2. Resource Configuration

A Data Item dialog box does not include a Resource ID field.

The resource is assigned to the object in the Object dialog box.

The resource is included, as follows, for instantiation.

A Class: Data item configuration
B Object: Object defined.
C Instantiation: Point properties result.
  1. Class: Data Item Configuration

A resource cannot be entered for a data item.

There is no Resource ID field in the Data Item dialog box.


A Data Item dialog box named LEVEL has no Resource ID field.

  1. Object: Object Defined

A Resource ID is entered at the object level.

Object Created

Class objects are created from the class.


A class object created from the class TANKR is named: STATION06.

Attribute Value Assigned

A Resource ID must be entered in the Object dialog box.


The STATION06 Object dialog box has TANKS entered in the Resource ID field.

  1. Instantiation: Point Properties Result

A Resource ID field in the Point Properties dialog box, displays the resource ID that is assigned to the object.


The Resource ID field in the STATION06.LEVEL Point Properties dialog box displays the TANKS resource.