Step 6.1.1. Start the CNC QuikStart Demo Project


  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.
  2. Select (All) Programs> HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY 10 >Start CNC QuikStart Demo project.

    If the CNC_QUIKSTART project is not running

    A Select CIMPLICITY® Project dialog box opens.

    1. Select CNC_QUIKSTART.gef.
    2. Click Start.

    A message box asks if you want to start the project.

    1. Click Yes.

    A Starting CNC_QUIKSTART window opens displaying the CIMPLICITY process startups.

    Result: A CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens.

    When the CNC_QUIKSTART project is running

    Result: A CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens.

  3. Enter a User ID and Password for a user who has access to CNC runtime screens.
  4. Click OK.


An HMI for CNC QuikStart Main Menu screen opens.

Note: Your computer must be connected to a CNC and the CNC must be powered up for the CNC Demo project to function properly.