Server Redundancy Guidelines

About this task

  • A Host redundant system is managed from the Primary node only.
  • Only the files on the primary are protected.
  • The secondary server does not know the project is managed.
  • To use project restoration on a redundant system


  1. Recover the primary while the project is not running.
  2. Do a configuration update.
  3. Start the project start
    Important: The secondary and the primary server must have the same configuration.

    Change management has no way to ensure this because of dynamic configuration and the possibility that the last changes where not checked in. So the only support we have requires that the project not be running on the redundant pair.

    • Screens that are copied to the secondary server cannot be change managed.
    • The following files are not managed.
    • Alarm comments file.
    • Files used to sync up data base logging.

    Note: These files have the prefix ptnr_.

    • The secondary server can be managed as a computer project.
    • When fetching a redundant primary project to a different physical node than the one it came from, do the following:
  4. Copy the gefconfig.ini file from the windows directory of the secondary node to the local one.
  5. Create a Redundancy share drive with the same drive letter as the original primary node.
  6. Change the local node's node name to be the same as the original primary node.