Managed Enterprise Server Project Guidelines

About this task

When a managed project is an Enterprise Server, the Enterprise Server files, ES_*, are included in the managed base configuration.

However, the files will change when the Enterprise project synchronizes with source projects at startup, regardless of its checkout status.

Because of the synchronization, it can take a long time to startup an Enterprise project. Therefore, it is recommended that the changes made by the startup synchronization between the projects get checked into the PCM server.

A recommended approach is as follows.

After points that are marked as Enterprise points have been changed in a source project.


  1. Checkout the Enterprise project’s base configuration.
  2. Start the Enterprise project
  3. Wait for synchronization to complete.
  4. Check in the Enterprise project’s base configuration so that the ES_* file changes are captured.
    Note: This procedures is not critical to success. However, it will help insure that the next time the project is fetched from the PCM server that there are no conflicts to be resolved between the checked in ES_* files and the points configured in the source projects.

    These conflicts are resolved by sending out dynamic configuration messages for every point that is new or that has been modified.