File and Folder Names

File and folder names that include following characters cannot be added to Change Management Server.

Note: In the rare cases, if an invalid character is in a file or folder name, the character will be replaced with a correspondent string. The modified file or folder name will be saved to Change Management Server.

Users will see different file or folder names on the Server side if they choose to use the Change Management client.


Invalid Character  Name Name with Replacement String
$Filename &#36Filename

Invalid characters and, in rare cases, replacement strings are as follows.

Invalid Characters Replacement Strings
& &#38
$ &#36
@ &#64
[ &#91
] &#93
( &#40
) &#41
= &#61
^ &#94
! &#33
% &#37
, &#44
; &#59
Important: Do not use replacement strings a file or folder name.