2. SPC Runtime: Manual Data Entry

About this task

If Manual entry allowed was checked in a selected feature's SPC Configuration window>Properties dialog box, it is available during runtime.

1 Open a Manual Data Entry dialog box.
2 Enter data manually.

Manual Data Entry: Open a Manual Data Entry Dialog Box

  1. Right-click an SPC chart.
  2. Select Manual Data Entry on the Popup menu.

A Manual Data Entry dialog box opens.

  1. Enter Data Manually

Do the following.

A Raw Value field Enter a value.
Click the Entry button. The entered value is added to the manual entry list.
Click the Submit button.

Result: SPC:


  1. Groups the values into samples.

    The sample (subgroup) size was entered on the

    • Variable Quality Characteristics dialog box>General tab.
    • Attribute Quality Characteristics dialog box>Collection tab.
  2. Calculates the sample value.

    Note: If individual values remain in the list, after SPC creates the subgroups, those individual values will not be applied to the chart.


    Five manual entries are listed in the Manual Data Entry dialog box when the Submit button is clicked.

    • The subgroup size is 2.
    • SPC:
    • Creates two subgroups the first four values.
    • Ignores the fifth value.
    • Adds the two subgroup values to the chart.