3. SPC Control: General Properties

The General tab in the SPC Control Properties dialog box identifies the quality characteristic that will be charted and the time the tests will be run.

Options are as follows.

1 Group
2 Product
3 QC
4 Batch ID
5 Duration
6 Chart date/time format
1 Group

Identifies the project and SPC document that will be applied to the chart.

Group Qualified path to project\SPC Document

Click the Browse button to the right of the Group field.

A Select an SPC Group browser opens; search options include the following.

A Project Available SPC projects
B SPC Group Group name or search criteria for a group.
C SPC Group Groups found by browsing.
D Max. Record Limit Maximum number of found groups that will be listed.
2 Product

Provides a drop down list of the products created for the selected SPC document (group).

3 QC

Provides a drop down list of all quality characteristics (variables, attributes and defects) that were configured for the selected product.

Note: Your selection determines what charts will be available.

4 Batch ID

Text that identifies the batch process to be examined. The chart will display only those points where the content of the Batch Point ID matches this identifier.

5 Duration

Options are:

Show most recent values Displays the most recent values collected in the chart. Note: The number of values that display is specified on the Chart tab
Time span Start time and date and the ending time and date to collect data to be displayed on the chart. The format is:
Start date/End date MM/DD/YYYY
Start time/End time HH:MM:SS AM/PM
6 Chart Date/Time Format

SPC uses the short date style.

To change the date/time format of that style on a chart, use the Regional Settings option on your Windows Control Panel.

Important: If data has been logged to a SQL database in a selected time zone and that time zone is changed, SPC continues to display the timestamp from the original time zone.