HSSB Interface Requirements

  • HSSB card configuration
  • HSSB card set

HSSB card configuration

HMI for CNC supports communication through the following High Speed Serial Bus (HSSB) interfaces:

  • Type 2
  • Type 3 (30i/31i/32i) (Formerly Series 300i/310i/320i)

You can configure your system to support a:

  • Single HSSB-card per PC or
  • Multiple HSSB-cards per PC, up to 8 total CNC connections. This can be any of the following:
  • 8 single channel boards.
  • 4 dual channel boards.
  • A combination of single channel boards and dual channel boards

The following diagram illustrates a multiple HSSB card configuration:

HSSB card set

The HSSB card set can have a PC PCI or PCI Express card, plus a fiber optic cable, and a CNC card. Each connection requires a card set.

Note: DISA HSSB Interface Boards are obsolete.