CNC Dynamic Link Library Error Codes and Messages

Error codes:

Error Number Description
[-17] Protocol error, bad data from CNC.
[-16] Socket error, investigate CNC.
[-15] No FOCAS DLL.
[-11] Bus error.
[-10] System 2 error.
[-9] HSSB communications error.
[-8] FOCAS DLL allocation error.
[-7] FOCAS DLL and CNC/PMC version error.
[-6] Unexpected FOCAS DLL error.
[-5] System error.
[-4] Shared RAM parity error.
[-3] No FOCAS HSSB drivers.
[-2] Reset or stop button pressed.
[-1] CNC is busy.
(1) Function not executed or not available.
(1) PMC does not exist.
(2) Function data length or data amount error.
(3) Function data number error.
(3) Function address range error.
(4) Function data attribute error.
(4) Function address type or data type error.
(5) Data error or specified program not found.
(6) CNC option not enabled or found.
(7) Write operation prohibited.
(8) CNC tape memory overflow.
(9) CNc parameter not set correctly.
(10) Buffer is empty or full.
(11) Incorrect path number.
(12) Incorrect CNC mode.
(13) CNC execution rejected.
(14) Data server error.
(15) Function not executed due to CNC alarm.
(16) CNC status is stop or emergency.
(17) CNc data password is enabled.

Error messages:

File open failed.
Bad program.
Bad program number/invalid range.
CNC edit in progress.
Program already selected.
Disk error.
CNC is not in EDIT mode.
CNC is not in EDIT or MEMORY mode.
Error getting directory.
No Programs found.
Bad directory info from CNC.
Unable to open CSV file.
Bad CSV file format.
Unable to open LOG file.
Bad input number or invalid range.
CNC type in file does not match control.
Model type different than CNC.
Memory type different than CNC.
Unknown memory type (A B C).
Number of values greater than number of axes.
Initiation of Windows Sockets DLL failed.