Upload a single part program or a sequence of part programs from CNC memory to a single file on the PC.

Correct Usage

C:\> cnc_eupload <ipaddr> <portnum> <pathnum> <filespec> <startprogram> <endprogram>

Usage Defined

IP address of the CNC.
Port number of the CNC.
CNC path. Enter one of the following.
Value Path
0 None
1 First
2 Second
3 Third
4 Fourth Series 30i/31i/32i only
5 Fifth Series 30i/31i/32i only
6 Sixth Series 30i/31i/32ionly
7 Seventh Series 30i/31i/32i only
8 Eighth Series 30i/31i/32i only
9 Ninth Series 30i/31i/32i only
10 Tenth Series 30i/31i/32i only
If the CNC does not support multiple paths, enter 0.
File specification of file to receive the uploaded part program(s). This may be a fully qualified filename or a filename in the current directory.
Starting range of part programs to upload.
Ending range of part programs to upload.


The contents of CNC part programs between <startprogram> and <endprogram> are uploaded to the <filespec> for <ipaddr>, <portnum> and <pathnum>:

C:\> cnc_eupload 8172 0 test.pp 1 10
Uploading part programs O0001 – O0010 to test.pp: Success

The file test.pp is either created or overwritten with all the part programs in the range of 1 to 10 currently registered in CNC memory.

Following is a list of possible errors.

  • Could not determine CNC type for node x.
  • Failure to get directory info.
  • Bad directory info returned.