About Common Licensing

About this task

The family of products provides you with hardware keys that are programmed with licenses for your selected products and options.

You simply:


  1. Buy your products and options.

    Visit the GE Customer Center web site at http://support.ge-ip.com to obtain information about the latest GE product offerings.

    Note: If you visit this web site, click a topic on the HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY documentation Contents tab to return to the documentation.

    When you receive your DVD you will receive as many hardware keys as you need.

    If you have any questions about licensing call the GE Intelligent Platforms support line . A GE representative will direct your call to the correct resource.

  2. Install your products.
  3. Plug one of the keys into each Server that requires one or more licenses.

    You are ready to go.

    You can choose either of two key types.

    • One key can be plugged into a Server's parallel port.
    • The other key can be plugged into a Server's USB port.
    Note: If you need to reboot a computer that requires a license, make sure the key is inserted in the computer before you reboot so any services that start up can read the key.