3.2. Navigation: Bar Display Properties

Configuration: Navigation bar display.
Runtime examples: Navigation bar display.

Configuration: Navigation Bar Display

Three fields work together to define how the navigation bar will display during runtime, as follows.

Field Description
A BarLocation Choices in the dropdown menu enable you to display the navigation bar at any side of the CimView screen. Choices are::
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Left
  • Right
B BarSize Factors that affect the bar size value (pixels) include:
  • Bar location.
  • Amount of detail included in the bar.
  • Depth and complexity of configuration object lists
  • Selected style.
How the size displays is controlled by the bar location, as follows.
Bar Location Value controls the:
Top/Bottom Height
Left/Right Width
C BarStyle Several styles are available. The navigation bar location partly determines the style that will be best suited for the selected navigation bar. However, any pairing of location and style is available. Styles are as follows.
Bar Style Recommended Bar Location
Standard Top/Bottom
Standard w/Child Top/Bottom Notes
  • During runtime, a Child navigation bar displays the children of a selected node as a horizontal row of buttons. The buttons behave like quick launch buttons.
  • Select this option if the Navigation bar is being upgraded from a Navigation bar and child bar configured in an earlier CIMPLICITY version.
Cascade Tabs (top-right) Right
Cascade Tabs (top-left) Left
Cascade Tabs (right) Right
Cascade Tabs (left) Left
Important: An operator cannot change any of these specifications during runtime.

Runtime Examples: Navigation Bar

The bar location/size/style interaction influences values for a navigation bar that includes almost the same entries.

Note: Whether or not the root node displays depends on the selected bar style.
  • Standard style.
  • Cascade style.
  • Tree style.

Standard Style

Field Value
BarLocation Top
BarSize 40
BarStyle Standard/child

Cascade Style

Field Value
BarLocation Right
BarSize 140
BarStyle Cascade Tabs (right)

Tree Style

Field Value
BarLocation Left
BarSize 225
BarStyle Tree