CimView Screen Navigation Error Messages

Following are error messages that will display when the error is detected during screen navigation configuration validation.

Error: node <node name> overlay action has no screen associated with it.
Problem An Overlay action type was selected, which requires a screen file name.
Solution Select a .cim file in the Screen Name field.
Note: The path, which is also required, will be absolute or static, depending on which you selected on the Configuration menu.
Error: node <node name> script action does not have an entry point.
Problem A Script action type was selected, which requires an entry point..
Solution Enter the entry point in the Script entry point field, which displays when Script is selected as the action type.
Error: Cannot complete validation.
Problem This is a catch all error. If it appears, it means that the configuration file is corrupt.
Solution The safest approach is to create a new navigation file.
Error: root node <node name> has children, but only the first node at the root level can have children.
Problem You have attempted to add a child to a Quick launch node, which cannot have children. Quick launch nodes are available to launch a selected screen quickly. That is their only purpose.
Solution Add children to the primary node and its descendents to create the actual navigation menu.
Error: root node <node name> has no action.
Problem A No action action type was selected for either the primary root node (first node in the navigation menu tree) or one of the quick launch nodes. These nodes must have an action.
Solution Select either Overlay or Script in the Action type field for each of these nodes.
Warning: cannot construct static path from configuration file <static path><Navigation file name> to screen<static path><screen file name> in node <node name>.
Problem The static path type requires the configuration (.navbar) file and screen (.cim) files to be on the same drive. If they are not a warning displays that the static path cannot be constructed.
Solution Make sure the configuration and screen files are on the same drive before finalizing the navigation configuration.
Warning: screen <file absolute or static path><file name> not found for overlay action in node <node name>.
Problem The .cim file path and name that were  entered for an Overlay action type could not be found during validation. Navigation issues a warning, not an error, because the navigation structure may be created before the screens are created.
Solution Make sure the screens are located in the specified location before finalizing the navigation configuration.
Info: Validation succeeded.
Description This message displays only when the validation is successfully started and completed by clicking Configuration>Validate on the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor menu bar.
Note: Other instances when validation is performed are when the file is being:
  • Opened
  • Saved
In those cases only errors and warnings are displayed.