About CimEdit

With CimEdit, you can use rich animation and interactive controls to create or edit simple or complex custom screens that allow you to monitor and control your business processes and manufacturing assets. For example, the custom-designed graphic below shows the process and layout of a water delivery system.  After you create and save a screen, you can view and test it in a runtime environment using CimView.  

If you are also using Web HMI, you can export the screens to a folder from which you can import, and then display, them in the Web HMI application. You can use the default WebExport folder under the Project/Screens folder, or you can change the path and folder name. For information on exporting CimEdit screens as Web HMI mimics, see the Integrating CIMPLICITY with Web HMI section.  For information on importing screens into Web HMI, refer to the Web HMI help system.