WN offers Events to support and help women in the advancement of their careers

I first heard about GE as a junior in college at a NSBE Region 2 FRC. I was recruited for my first GE internship by an alumnus of my alma mater North Carolina A&T. That was just the beginning!

Being with GE for 6 years has taught me a lot. One key thing I've learned from my GE experience is how to maximize my time. Between managing projects, traveling to multiple manufacturing sites, corporate training/courses, community service, and professional development, it's crucial to get the most out of your week. Because this is something GE instilled early in my career, when other opportunities arise, I can seamlessly pivot, "work smarter", and deliver results!

The African American Forum (or AAF) has played a role in my career from day one. I was recruited by an active member in AAF and encouraged from each of my managers to participate. I've could take on leadership roles, recruit at conferences, network with GE executives, mentor interns, and give back to my community. It is rare to find a "family feel" at work but AAF manages to create that reality. It is one of the reasons why I am still at GE today.

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