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GE Champions encompass all that is GE – they are committed what they do, why they do it, and how they stay connected with people who are just as passionate as they are. This community of 900+ employees subscribe to all GE’s biggest communication channels: GE Voices, GE Brief, Investor Relations, and eddie. Doing so helps them stay at the forefront of GE news and share the latest stories through their own networks.

Camille Levy, one of about 900 GE Champions, is an excellent example of someone who “walks the talk.” Recently relocated to Singapore, Camille works in Steam Power where the phrase, One Team, One Steam, drives the commercial activities for GE’s clean combustion product line and integrates their efforts across the globe.

Since joining GE through the Alstom acquisition, Camille has seen how GE, with its top talent and robust resources, can power through development. For example, over the course of 18 months, GE was able to bring to market the world’s most efficient coal plant, SteamH that had been in development internally for 10 years. This new technology generates 40% less CO2 than the world’s average coal plant thanks to higher temperatures and pressures leading to higher efficiency rates.

SteamH, introduced almost a year ago, had its first success with a Chinese customer for the most efficient steam boiler in the world with steam temperature at 630 degrees Celsius. “It was the first of its kind globally,” said Camille “which was very cool.” She added “However, for us, it’s about more than the vast resources, we are really excited about what technology can bring to our customers.”

As Camille sees it, GE is in great position to develop and provide the best technology in the world. The reason? “All our work is focused on the customer,” said Camille. “When you come into a GE organization where you have only one P&L, you’re consistently reminded how important it is to work together as a team focusing on winning in the market.” That’s why Steam Power came up with the deal team concept, which ensures everyone is aligned with the values and processes necessary to deliver the highest quality to customers.

When asked about the challenges of working in fossil fuel development, Camille was quick to say that GE is making products better than anyone else. “What I want to tell my colleagues is: Yes, we can be proud of what we do, because we are bringing the best possible technology to new and existing power plants.” Camille explained, “We have slightly less than 30% of the installed base for coal power plants... we have a true impact globally.”

Why is Camille a GE Champion? Subscribing to all four channels gives her a sense of shared values and common purpose. “Subscribing gives me a broader sense of GE,” said Camille, “one of the things I really enjoy is learning about all of GE’s different successes in the markets, different technologies and different businesses. It brings a sense of pride.” Staying connected also helps Camille stay informed, which has been especially helpful through recent changes. “When John Flannery came a year ago, he reminded us how s important it is to have a high level of understanding of GE’s financials, so it’s helpful for me to read what’s going on in our day-to-day businesses and understand how that impacts our organization as a whole.”

Camille admits it’s not always easy, but she enjoys the operating rhythm that drives GE’s people and processes. There is a language and mindset here that keeps people working in the flow, brings them together. “Everyone at GE works under the same operating system, which allows integration to be easier,” said Camille. It’s that kind of operating integration that allows Camille to “walk the talk” and others, like her, to keep pace -- full steam ahead.

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