Our culture

Integrity is critical in everything we do

General Electric

Integrity is reflected in our three Leadership Behaviors:
act with humility, lead with transparency, and deliver with focus—always with unyielding integrity.

Leading with Integrity and The Spirit & The Letter

Our integrity anchor is our robust employee code of conduct, The Spirit & The Letter (S&L). As the name suggests, this code of conduct is intended to hold our employees to a higher standard above and beyond simply following the letter of the law. We expect our employees and our Board of Directors to comply with the spirit of these policies and our Company values.

General Electric

Investing in Our People

GE’s success starts with its people, and we are committed to making sure our employees fulfill their greatest potential. Our focus on building the best team requires regularly investing in the development of our people and to ensure the sustainability of talent and skills.

General Electric

Integrated Approach to Strategy, Risk, and Sustainability

Sustainability is integrated with strategy development and risk management across the Company. GE’s sustainability lens is used to focus on operations and priorities within each business, and cross-functional committees and teams at the leadership level align strategic priorities and culture.

General Electric

Ethics & Compliance Program

GE’s Ethics & Compliance program focuses on prevention, detection and response. It begins with GE leadership’s personal engagement on integrity. GE leaders across the businesses personally drive a culture of integrity everywhere GE operates by leading by example, incentivizing compliance and promoting open reporting.

General Electric

Privacy and Cybersecurity

GE is committed to protecting information about our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our company, as well as technology resources GE provides to its employees and contractors. As such, GE has implemented detailed cybersecurity and information protection policies.

General Electric

Our Strategy for Continuous Improvement and Eliminating Waste

Lean continues to be the way we run our businesses and it is becoming more deeply embedded across the organization. A lean mindset focuses on safety, quality, delivery and cost (SQDC) — in that order — and gives us the tools and instincts to make the right decisions and necessary trade-offs. Lean continues to generate new opportunities for sustained improvements and waste elimination.

General Electric