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Industrial big data

What does GE Digital see in industrial big data?

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  • We see vehicles being built in real-time. GE Digital Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) uses this production data to help machines operate and managers make decisions at the right time.
  • We see the health of a gas turbine.This big data feeds Asset Performance Management (APM), giving plant engineers the ability to predict and avoid failure.
  • We see the global supply chain. Operations Performance Management (OPM) combines materials, information, and financials for executives for one holistic view.

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Whether it's alarms and events, real-time production data, or the health of critical assets, GE Digital sees the goals and aspirations of its customers in the millions of industrial big data points we analyze every day.

We see the best businesses in the world better prepared to face market disruptions, poised to gain market share and positioned to launch entirely new business models.

At GE Digital, we continue to see industrial big data as the key to the future of business.

GE Digital. Putting industrial data to work.

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Start here, with real-world examples of digital transformation in action. GE Digital’s clients exemplify the spirit of digital transformation and operational excellence. They are imaginative, inspired, and constantly in motion, using industrial big data and analytics to power growth.

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