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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Putting GE Digital's APM Policy Designer to Work for You


  • Francois De Fromont

    Francois De Fromont

    Director of Enterprise and Solution Architecture

    GE Digital

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With engineers and reliability teams working remotely around the globe GE Digital is helping users better understand one of the most powerful capabilities in APM – Policy Designer. 

Policy Designer is unique functionality that allows users to analyze datasets and automate everyday actions by capturing engineering knowledge from your team and applying it to decision making at scale across your operations. Now more than ever Policy Designer can lend and extra set of eyes and hands to provide your team focus and clarity on what information matters and what actions to take now.

Hear GE Digital subject matter expert Francois De Fromont discuss:

  • Overview of the policy designer functionality
  • Use cases for building policies such as:
    • Roll up asset health indicators/indexes built from rounds, PDM activities, Historians and PM data
    • Automatic recommendation creation based on conditional state
    • PM compliance checks
    • Integrity operating windows
    • Operational risk ranking based on conditional state
  • Special offers on training and service engagements to get started today

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