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How to Master Heat Rate Management: Turning a guessing game into action

2 mins

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Watch now to learn how to improve your plants heat rate and reduce fuel spend. Managing heat rate doesn’t need to be an ongoing challenge anymore. If you are using models that require significant time to adjust and don’t have the visibility required to impact efficiency, watch now to learn how to operationalize heat rate. To give you the most accurate data you need in real-time, GE APM Performance Intelligence leverages physics-based digital twins that provides performance issue alerts along with actionable advice. The software answers the questions: do I have a problem? If yes, where is it and when do I need to take action? This helps you get to a better economic outcome quickly. Watch now to see how you can empower your plant team to say, “This makes my job easier. I have visibility that I didn’t have before. I can get to root cause quickly and determine where and when to address performance issues.”