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CPV Increases Bottom Line Using Operations Performance Management

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With GE’s Operations Performance Management (OPM) Capacity Dispatch Optimizer, Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has increased use of peak fire at its gas plants by 10x without impacting maintenance intervals.

By leveraging GE’s Digital Twin and Advanced Controls technology, the Capacity Dispatch Optimizer banks energy credits when the plant runs at part load by reducing gas turbine firing temperatures, while maintaining the same output. The banked credits are used to offset the effects of peak fire and therefore do not impact the maintenance interval or costs. This allows CPV to deliver extra capacity when the marketplace needs it most, without having to incur additional maintenance costs or worry about the maintenance interval changing and falling in a peak operating season. With CPV’s invested and continual deployment of cutting-edge technology, such as OPM, their operations are propelling to the forefront of the competitive power industry.

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