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Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems

Unified Proficy Launch Webinar Series: Proficy Plant Applications

Proficy Plant Applications - Statistical Process Control | GE Digital | Webinar

Learn how GE Digital’s new Proficy Plant Applications 8.2 supports the digital worker with more mobile-first UIs for Waste and Process Orders as well as innovation to drive toward zero downtime.

See how our customers are using Proficy Plant Applications to transform

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Paint cans | Jotun uses Proficy software for efficient paint production | GE Digital
Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems

Jotun increases efficiency with fully-automated paint manufacturing process

Learn how Jotun, using GE Digital Proficy software, uses operators to efficiently run the entire paint production from a control room.

Volvo Car Engine | MES Journey | GE Digital MES Software

Volvo Car Engine: Our MES Journey – Building for the Future

Building for the future was the intent when Volvo Car Engine started the development of a new MES, built on GE Digital Proficy solutions, for the new engine…

GE Digital software is helping Subaru become the fastest growing car manufacturer in NA

Subaru: Building the Fastest Growing Car Company in America

Discover how Subaru meets the challenges of growing demand that drives significant volume while maintaining flexibility and adaptability for customers.

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GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
Industrial Apps

Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

Industrial Apps

Proficy Plant Applications

Improve efficiency, production management and quality with a proven, modular MES for process, discrete and mixed manufacturing data.

Industrial Apps

Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud

Consolidate and transform manufacturing data across plants for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics.