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Rolled Products Manufacturing

Rolled products manufacturing

Rolled products manufacturing includes pulp and paper, plastics, metals, and more.

These manufacturers often face challenges such as:

  • Commodity products manufacturing – usually producing and packaging high volumes of product while needing to meet low-price expectations from customers
  • Rising energy and raw material costs that makes tight control of production processes imperative
  • Complex traceability for unwind, rewind and rework – often hampered by aging manufacturing systems with isolated solutions that can impact traceability

In this video, explore how manufacturing software from GE Vernova meets these challenges with key outcomes including:

  • Insights into material consumption
  • Traceability across each production step
  • Accurate defect handling
  • Standardized operator tasks and guidance
  • Intuitive visualization with a single pane of glass

Watch our Proficy software demo showcasing solutions to common uses cases challenging rolled products manufacturers. Use cases highlight:

  • Digitized production of coated reels, steel coils, paper rolls, and more
  • Digitized production of additional phases such as printing
  • Digitized production for reel finishing
  • Digitized traceability for rework and operator tasks

MES Guidebook for Efficient Operations

MES Guidebook

Explore this free Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Guidebook to see how a smarter factory can increase production agility and improve operational performance.


What’s inside the guidebook:


  • MES software and implementation guidance from leading experts
  • Cloud MES insights – the fast track to modern manufacturing
  • Tips for supporting sustainable manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing supported by digital transformation
  • Case studies on manufacturing Industrial Internet innovators

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