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Proficy 2023 Webinars: Operations Hub

Operational intelligence

Looking to quickly analyze production data for an issue you saw? Need to extend Operations visualization to non-OT personnel?

Check out the new Proficy Operations Hub 2023, providing Web-based operational intelligence and visualization via a no-code / low-code environment and out-of-the-box apps.

Proficy Operations Hub 2023 includes:

  • Custom graphics editor - draw custom graphics or bring your own SVG and animate
  • Out-of-the-box graphics to accelerate screen development
  • Canvas and flex layouts for screens that scale plus design more sophisticated responsive behaviors
  • New Designer experience with most screen-building activities through our Configuration Hub
  • And more ...

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Enable collaboration and continuous improvement

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Powerful, code-free development tools

With Proficy Operations Hub from GE Digital, you can rapidly build Web-based visualization and intelligence applications, optimizing plant operations through comprehensive information that’s easier to analyze and act upon - independent of location.  


Teams across all levels in an organization can increase operational efficiency and make better decisions based on real-time and historical plant-wide application data, including historian, HMI/SCADA, MES and third party. Users can monitor, control, provide data entry, and perform analysis all through Proficy Operations Hub.

It is mandatory today for companies to gain a strong foundation for insights into their operations and productivity, a critical step in their journey to digital transformation. 


Proficy Operations Hub is a tool designed for that specific purpose, offering companies a centralized information, analysis and control portal that provides its users with the real-time visibility and transparency required across multiple domains to make the most optimized business decisions possible based on a single version of the truth, which has a direct, positive effect on top and bottom lines and achieving KPI goals.


Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

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