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From Plant Floor to Cloud: How to Enhance Product Traceability and Safety

From Plant Floor to the Cloud: GE Digital MES solutions webinar

Unlock the hidden capacity in your factories

During these uncertain times, Food, Beverage and CPG companies are struggling to keep up with demand and at the same time maintain quality and safety.

This webinar discusses solutions that can unlock the hidden capacity in your factories, empower your workforce, reduce variability and increase plant efficiency. Modern cloud and edge technologies are now available to boost MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) capabilities and help ensure compliance with food safety regulations and deliver end-to-end traceability and uncompromising quality using a Lean approach.

Real-life examples from major producers who have implemented our solutions are also showcased.

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See how our customers are using the power of GE Digital's MES software

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Dairy products
Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Leading American Dairy Sees 50% Decrease in Quality Control Audit Time

Learn how a leading American dairy achieves a 50% decrease in quality control audit time and drives a digital transformation culture change

Beverage manufacturing
Food & Beverage, CPG

Major Beverage Manufacturer Gains High Quality and Consistency across Four Plants

Explore how a major beverage manufacturer gained high quality and consistency across four plants with centralized visualization from GE Digital.

ROB-EX Scheduler helps yeast manufacturer
Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

De Danske Gaerfabrikker “the Danish Yeast Factories” increased capacity by 15-20% with ROB-EX Scheduler

Read how De Danske Gaerfabrikker digitized their manufacturing scheduling processes to increase capacity and increase customer satisfaction.

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