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Proficy Historian

Operational Technology OT Data in the Cloud

Operations Technology OT Data in the Cloud

How do you move Operational Technology (OT) data to the cloud at scale and at an affordable cost?

Manufacturing Business Intelligence and enterprise-wide optimization require real-time and historic OT data available through the latest cloud computing and with operational technology cyber security.

Watch this video to hear from an OT data and systems expert on the steps to:

  • Use your existing enterprise IT cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify OT data aggregation with a cloud-native historian
  • Ensure operational technology cyber security with best practices
  • Minimize cost while meeting IT strategy
  • Integrate with cloud-based BI and analytics platforms
  • Get OT data context with an asset model service

Part of the “OT Insights for IT” Webinar Series from GE Digital, this video discusses how to move data from heterogeneous sources to the cloud at scale – enabling cloud-based analytics and optimization.

“No longer is there a default choice in historians. If GE Digital’s Proficy Historian is not on your short list, it certainly should be.”


Joe Perino, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

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