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LNS Research: Benchmarking the Value of Enterprise Data Visibility

LNS Research: Benchmarking the Value of Enterprise Data Visibility and IIoT Analytics

How can you use IIoT applications and analytics to improve your performance?

Manufacturers have begun to recognize the value of data created within factories — understanding that factory data can be used to address their higher-level business issues of increasing throughput, improving quality, and reducing costs. For many, however, the data isn’t visible to roles outside the four walls of the factory, and the company can't combine it with corporate or financial data for additional analysis.

Combining manufacturing data, financial data, and even data external to the company, can drive higher performance by uncovering “hidden” opportunities for improvement. This report, by LNS Research, examines the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries and their use of industrial analytics.

Read the report to:

  • Examine best practices in the use of industrial analytics and data visibility
  • Explore the relationship between operational performance and the use of IIoT applications and analytics solutions in performance management
  • Understand the impact of these capabilities on financial performance

Download the report today.

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