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Introduction to Cross NI: Transforming Telecom Network Inventory into a Profitable Service Opportunity

Transforming Telecom Network Inventory | Webinar | GE Digital and CROSS

Telecoms face mounting pressure to automate network and service operations for improved efficiencies and reduced OPEX. However, inventory is often fragmented and hidden across multiple OSS, spreadsheets, and data silos, resulting in an inconsistent understanding of the network.

This webinar seeks to explore the strategies and tools telecoms can implement to consolidate and integrate assets across layers into a single source of truth that accurately models the network. In doing so, operational and business workflows can be harmonized for boosted efficiencies, improved data quality, and accelerated service deployments.

Listen to this webinar to learn from Harinder Bakhshi, Director of Solution Architecture at CROSS Network Intelligence, and Salvador Peya, Senior Staff Solution Architect at GE Digital, how to: --Convert fragmented inventory and network data into an integrated, intelligent data goldmine --Illuminate hidden data and improve data quality for boosted operational efficiencies --Bridge OSS and BSS to support end-to-end workflows for network and service operations

Geospatial Network Inventory Software for Telecoms

GE provides software to help telecommunication workers optimize networks they install

To survive the inevitable disruption you need to continually optimize your network operations and adopt new solutions for the planning, designing, construction and operation of your network. To remain competitive your network has to deliver the highest quality of service possible and when you can intelligently and cost-effectively upgrade and expand your network, you’ll be poised to deliver increased customer satisfaction and reduce your operational costs.


Ad hoc databases, spreadsheets and simple GIS mapping solutions are no longer sufficient in supporting modern, mission critical fiber network deployments.

Let GE Digital help you with optimize your telecom network