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Proficy HMI / SCADA

iFIX from GE Digital: Enabling the Smart Operator

ifix: Enabling the Smart Operator white paper thumbnailifix: Enabling the Smart Operator white paper thumbnail

Expect more from your HMI/SCADA.

Is your HMI/SCADA more than a passive partner, collecting information, monitoring performance, and generating alarms? Your HMI/SCADA should anticipate your operators’ needs, delivering the precise information they need quickly and intuitively to support the best possible decision-making.

It’s the ability to provide active decision support that distinguishes fourth-generation iFIX from traditional HMI/SCADA, opening new doors to improved efficiency, reduced waste, and significantly higher performance.

Read how GE Digital is combining HMI design, asset-based modeling, trending, and the latest web standards for software that acts like an extension of your operator.

Download this white paper today and help your operators speed their response.

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