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IEEE 2030.5 - Connect to the wide world of DERs

Distributed Energy Resources | GE

Watch GE’s webinar on how IEEE 2030.5 can enable your utility to connect to the wide world of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on your grid.

Coupled with the fact that most DERs are not owned by the utility, they also tend to be small, dispersed and the only means to communicate with them is via the Internet.

IEEE 2030.5 enables electric utilities to:

  • Represent both the technical and contractual parameters of the DERs on your grid
  • Support the full spectrum of DER parameters, including ownership, status, grouping, monitoring and dispatch of controls and autonomous settings
  • Manage the full lifecycle of DERs across all of the utility and retailer/aggregators/prosumer systems

Hear from Dr. Robby Simpson, Chair of IEEE 2030.5 and System Architect at GE Power and Frédéric Wauquiez, Senior Product Manager for DER Orchestration at GE Power, about how IEEE 2030.5 is by far the most advanced and comprehensive protocol to enable end-to-end harnessing of DERs, turning them from a threat to an opportunity for your electric utility.

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